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Elevate your banking and payments operations

Supercharge your banking

Connect your existing bank accounts to Ledger for programmatic, intelligent, and real-time payments.

Customize and automate your account receivables (AR) and payables (AP) workflows across business entities, ensuring every bill is recorded, approved, and paid with zero manual data entry.

Next level financial visibility

Unify your financial data in real-time with AI, integrating critical information from bank accounts, e-commerce, sales, billing, and other systems for high-accuracy insights.

Track your profit and loss seamlessly in any currency.

Precision reconciliation in real time

Reconcile books faster with an always-running, self-improving engine.

Tackle unreconciled transactions effortlessly using a modern, unified dashboard.

Meet Watson, your AI financial analyst that never sleeps.

Let Watson, your tireless AI financial analyst, handle data transfer to spreadsheets, auto-fill expense reports, and uncover business trends.

Private and Secure

Ledger is built with strict security protocols to protect sensitive data, operating in an isolated environment to prevent unauthorized access and ensure data privacy.